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Water Creature by RunningSpud
Water Creature
Made some changes to the water creature I made yesterday.  Instead of the weird fins with paws, he now has large shovel-like fins as well as some small hind-fins.  I'm hoping this version looks a bit more practical (and less like a mutant seahorse xD)

Here's the original one:…

I have a few other drawings of them I may compile into something of a ref sheet.

Please feel free to leave feedback/criticism :)
Fretful Furret by RunningSpud
Fretful Furret
Another work getting moved over here.  This one's over a year old, but its a drawing I've always really liked.
New Creature Design by RunningSpud
New Creature Design
Sometimes I just like to design random creatures.  Its fun, but the overwhelming majority of them don't get finished or saved when I'm done with them.  A select few are designs that I've done draw-to-adopts for.  This one, though, I really like even though this drawing is really just a rough sketch.  Normally I'm not a fan of abnormally colored creatures, but this one's a bit of an exception.

- The fish based tail functions to lure in easy prey.  The ocean currents make the fin appendages move to make it appear more realistic.  Initially, I was going to have the eyes lit up (anglerfish style).  I may try that idea again to see if it works better than the 'dummy' look. 
- It has small paws beneath its flippers.  Depending on its needs it can use them to drag itself around on land.  The muscles for the flippers are inhibited if its using its paws, and vice versa if its using its flippers in the water.  Thus, whichever isn't being used just kind of drags around limp.
- I didn't think hind flippers looked quite right, but I think it needs something more.  Or else this guy would be pretty inefficient both on land and in the water.  I'll keep messing with it, but please feel free to give suggestion.  
-No name for him or his species yet.


For those that enjoy pokemon, I do have an alternate account here: :iconspuds-pokemon:

I would love to continue improving, so please feel free to leave constructive criticism and advice on any of my artwork ^^

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